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Hello everyone! We have created a forum for Solar Coterie so if you are a fashionista who is about to buy Solar Bikini by Solar Coterie for Summer Season or you already tried and experience the Solar Bikini, get started here! Just remember that we highly prohibited posting, sharing or message malicious content. Keep the thread clean and informative as newbie seek an honest and true information about Solar Bikini by Solar Coterie.

Do you think a Solar powered bikini and other swimwear with the same features and users can really save us from power shortage wherever we are in the world?
I once yearned a backpack with photovoltaic panels or PV while on a ten-day trek in the mountains somewhere else outside the country, I’ve looked into buying a solar-powered mobile phone battery charging case and I really can’t find anything.

I’m always hoping that one day every object have the ability to get an energy boost from the sun that even our personal things such as clothing, cars and other possessions can harness and transfer its energy to other digital devices so that we do not worry where we can get an electrical energy. And now my thinking is slowly coming true! When I heard that there is this kind of Solar Bikini, I never wasted my time buying one pair of it. As a trekker, I really need this kind of solar-powered product every time I’m at the top of mountains. I really find it useful.

I want to try this one! I heard they take limited orders so I grab my opportunity to buy one for myself. A solar-powered product like Solar Bikini of Solar Coterie is definitely needed to support. We can help to save the earth at least a little at the same time it is very useful.