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InSpire creates an FAQ page for every featured product so you can have an idea or you’ll never ask this questions again to the website. We’ve compiled the most asked question about this product on our site so you can find this section useful as you browse through our site. If you still stumped, you can keep on sending your questions to us.

Q: Who is Solar Coterie?
A: That’s a good question! Solar Coterie is a name brand of the Solar Beachwear created and designed by a group of designers with the same passion and interests based in New York.
Q: What is a Solar Bikini?
A: Solar Bikini is a Beachwear with a powered portable where you can charge your digital devices such as mobile phones and music players while wearing it. You can dip in the water without worrying as no charger installed in Solar Bikini, it is guaranteed safe and secured.
Q: Where can I order a Solar Bikini?
A: Thank you for asking that as many people want to know about it. The designers choose to take very limited orders only so you have to hurry to contact their site and book an appointment to meet them in their office to take your body measurements. Email them on their account that can be found on our contact page.
Q: Do you take orders of Solar Bikini on your website?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t accept orders from any products we feature. We can only give you an update and information about the products and where you can order them. We are very sorry for that inconvenience.
Q: What are the benefits when I sign up to your website?
A: Signing up is free and when you do this, you are the first to receive an email about the latest trend in fashion and style. You will have an access to our site where you can read the full articles.