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Solar Coterie | About

Solar Coterie’s Story
Solar Coterie is founded in 2016, a brand name of new launched Beachwear called Solar Bikini created by a group of famous designers from New York. Solar Bikini is not your typical beachwear, it is made up of solar panel powered by the sun. The designers only want to create a pair of bikini that can cool can beers and soft drinks but it turned out to a Solar Bikini where you can charge your digital devices.

If you’re on the beach and forgot to charge your iPod or mobile phone you can charge it up on your Solar Bikini. Solar Bikini is safe and secured whenever wearers want to dip in the water to cool off. You just need to dry up your bikini before plugging in the digital devices. No need to worry about getting shocked or electrocuted or feeling the charge.

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