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Solar Powered Bikini with Solar Coterie

olar Powered Bikini with Solar Coterie

Summer is just around the corner! Let us welcome the heat with trendy fashion and latest gadgets. Here at Solar Coterie website, you can get all the latest update, news about fashion and style. Because we are slowly feeling the heat now, many of us choose to spend their time on the beach. But before going to the beach there are few things you need to do. First, ensure the security of your house, call the most trusted garage door specialists in town. A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee specializes in installing, servicing and repairing all types of both commercial and residential garage doors. Sure, they are the one who can do the job on every garage door problems you may have. So, call them now and enjoy your vacation knowing that your home and precious things are safe and secured.

Second, know the trendiest bikini wear that will go along your needs. Fortunately, Solar Coterie a famous group of designers in New York launched a new bikini line that has a solar panel on it. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Solar Coterie named their new beachwear a Solar Bikini which you can wear at the same a power portable where you can charge your gadgets on it. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, don’t be! Because a group of designers did an amazing product that every one woman can use whenever they are at the beach or pool. As we all know digital devices is very important in this generation. We need it wherever we go and a Solar Bikini is indeed perfect for Summer season. A bikini and a charger at the same time. What else can you ask for in this 2 in 1 product?

The conductive wire is sewn through and connecting the photovoltaic cells of the Solar Bikini that ends in a USB port where you can connect your digital devices such as mobile phones and media players. Your Solar Bikini is not rechargeable at no charge installed on it so women who wear it, can swim to cool off from the heat of Summer.

We’ve heard that Solar Bikini is a limited edition and can order only through their office. Make sure to email them first to book an appointment before you come in their place. They only took very limited orders so go get yours now to be one the luckiest person who has this incredible Solar Bikini. Men can also enjoy this wonderful product in no time as the Solar Coterie is working on the men’s version of Solar Bikini.

For further details about Solar Coterie, you can send them an email. Please see our contact pages for Solar Coterie accounts. Hurry! This is only a very limited order so you must order yours now.

That’s it for now! Thank you for browsing our web. Hope you have enjoyed reading our feature trendy Solar Bikini by Solar Coterie. To get the latest update you can sign up on our website for free.